released June 7, 2014

All songs written by Nikki Nevver. Well, not "Eyes Without A Face" but that's obvious.



all rights reserved


TERROR BIRD/NIKKI NEVVER Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada based pop and piano music for sad boys and girls. Terror Bird plays The Astoria in Vancouver, BC on Thursday, June 8th with Lake South (NZ), Poshlost + Ace Martens.

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Track Name: (I AM A) SLIVER
Oh when we drop out, please leave it all on
Don't take it off at all, leave it on
The lines of yellow slipping through your window
Am I a sliver in your finger? Do you dare to pull it out?
I am the slightest sound you hear as fall into patterns
You know, the kind that make you wake up with your skin
against your fingers
I never heard these things before, these things that you are telling me
So can you jot them out in detail, can you do it all willingly?
Now you slowly turn the page, and you can tell that I just hate it.
And you seem like you're self made.
I watch your red lips press.
I've never seen someone like you before.
I know I don't get you for long.
So can you stretch the time with your teeth?
Track Name: AND THE SKY
Oh I've been good for so long, and I didn't mean it at all
It's all words, just lies
Just so I could have my way with you
All we have is tonight
And the scenery that surrounds us.
It's the mist in the air
It's the tears in your eyes

And every time you think of me,
just think of a hand around your neck
And everytime I think of you, I'll think of something better
Like the fog, and right now, and the sidewalk, and the mystery
and the sky, and the sky

I've been bad for so long that you should not talk to me now
All the rules and the morals, they don't fill me like they do you
All we have is this candle and the bedroom and the table
and the frame on the wall
and each others' eyes and thoughts
Well you can't blame me for my fascination
with history and psychopaths
I didn't mean to catch your attention
So who's your friend and does he dance?
If you can show me that you have presence
I will ignore the words you slur
The rituals of this tired scene
They bring me down
They might even hurt
Track Name: FLOWERS
Would you forgive me for not bringing you flowers?
I have so many tears to give instead
Tears of guilt
Tears of regret
I want to scream out "No!"
But you are gone, and there's no use anymore

You lie in your bed
I'll never see you again
Everytime I hear your name, it makes me want to cry

The necklace that you gave me
I will take special care
I want put your picture away
Because it makes me so sad
It makes me so sad
You are the best I'll ever meet
I won't forget you
You're always with me

My memories hurt because you're not near me
And I couldn't help your suffering
Your suffering
I want to put your picture away because it makes me so sad
She was such a pretty girl
He always slipped his knife into her door at night

He watched the pictures bouncing until he fell asleep
They talked to him
Tucked him in

The windows were unnoticeable
He feared the sky

But he knew nothing of romance
It was a blessing, it was a curse
And he knew nothing of the outside
It made it better, it made it worse

Did you know that the sky scares him?
And you can wonder why...
It's bigger than he'll ever be!
All he does is hide in houses and in forests
If she won't listen, how could he turn to me?

And if there's no God, who can you turn to
when everybody leaves?

She's such a silly girl, depending on the kindness of records
Oh can't you tell that playing games
Can be tiring
When after you're done
I simply fall asleep?

Do you think it wise to tell
Those things to me?
I don't want to hear them
I just want to drink my coffee

I promise I'll be the most romantic girl for you
I'll never forget your birthday or what you like to do
I will make you dinner on a Saturday
When other boys walk by, I'll pretend to look the other way
Fix my hair before I hear you waking up
Can't you tell the truth, or it is truth that you're afraid of?
I know you want to drink tonight, but I just don't want it.

I promise I'll be the most romantic girl for you
I'll never forget your birthday or what you like to do
I will make you dinner on a Saturday
When other boys walk by, I'll pretend to look the other way