Modern Creatures (ft. Nikki Nevver, Mike Taylor & Jeremiah Haywood)

by Modern Creatures



This is a compilation of tracks by Nikki Nevver's former band, Modern Creatures, which disintegrated due to touring conflicts some time around 2009. Nikki plays bass, sings, and writes lyrics. Jeremiah plays bass through many pedals. Mike plays drums. It's on the goth/punk/post punk side, with touches of Bowie, Siouxsie, Joy Division, Devo, Ramones, Sisters of Mercy etc etc.


released December 27, 2012




TERROR BIRD/NIKKI NEVVER Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada based pop and piano music for sad boys and girls. Terror Bird plays The Astoria in Vancouver, BC on Thursday, June 8th with Lake South (NZ), Poshlost + Ace Martens.

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Track Name: Modern Creatures-Your Letter
Is everything alright? I've been waiting for your letter to arrive...
Some say that I'm a dreamer. Some say I'm out of touch, but it's alright.
Is everything alright? I've been waiting for your letter all my life.
Some say that I'm a dreamer. Some say I'm out of touch, but it's alright.

Anticipating those words, pictures in my mind.
There's some things that get here. Some things can get through.
I can see you days ahead; they're translucent.
I can stay in touch with just a single move.

It's dark out. You're so far.
Track Name: Modern Creatures- Too Serious
I polarize your eyes
Your pulse, it turns to shades
I watch your lips turn up
Oh I am still amazed

It's seeping in, the scent
I hover at the sound
I visualize you my way
You are never around

You're too serious. You're too serious
And it's not going to take much

When can I meet you?
I don't make mistakes
When can I meet you?

I walk through the city
into your blank side
I am a creature you wanna ride
Rip through your boredom, swim through your tears
I can't watch you die
I'm never near

No movement
Just objects
Track Name: Modern Creatures-In Patterns
I feel in patterns
Eat in abstract
Talk in serial
Corner you, serious

Searing pain
Searing pain
Point to nothing
Aging valulessly
Wallow in time
With this pain
Searing pain
Searing pain
Track Name: Modern Creatures- Radiating Lust
Radiating lust. I go all the way.
Hit you where is hurts. Take it all away.
When you saw me creep over, did you know
what was in my hand?
Now I can't let go.

Tell me what you're gonna do
My car is parked by the moonlight
Hope we don't have far to go
The trees are casting dark shadows
Track Name: Modern Creatures- Waiting Room
I am sitting
people are passing by
Nobody looks
Nobody stops

I am bleeding
But they cannot
I am bleeding
They pick me up

You are terrified of yourself
I am terrified of your greed
I am terrified of myself
You are terrified of your greed

Wanna, wanna, wanna go?
Wanna take a random telephone call
Wanna, wanna, wanna go?
Wanna take a telephone call?

In the sidewalks
I grow shorter
In the sidewalks
I shrink always
In the hospital
I grow taller
In the hospital
I get smarter